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Welcome to the Power Up Starlight podcast.

I created this to help you get insights into what's going on with all this chaos right now, and easy steps you can take to feel more calm and clear on what to do next.  

Each podcast includes a brief channeled message and then practical and easy ways to use this information to feel better right now, no matter what's going on around you.

I channel a wide range of spirit guides, all lined up to help us now - I call them collectively my Family of Light, because they are.

See who you respond to best, see which practices help you the most.  


Mar 31, 2019

A wide range of guides come forward to share easy steps you can take in these times of chaos to anchor light, love, peace, grace, and creativity into your life, your home and the planet. 

the guides speak slowly so you can follow along and repeat this. 

I've shared other messages and approaches to handling chaos on the website - here are links to some of them: 

How to forgive yourself and others

How to power up in difficult times

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You can find more at, including a mini-course on How to Start Working with Your Guides, created to be done in a weekend or over a week.