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Welcome to the Power Up Starlight podcast - it's like a galactic talk radio program. 

I created this to help you share your gifts, expand your creativity, and shine your light in playful, easy ways. 

Each podcast includes a brief channeled message and then ways to use this information. I channel a wide range of spirit guides - Archangels, a Goddess Council, and a bunch of star beings - I call them collectively my Family of Light, because they are.

Each podcast has a pragmatic practice focused on how you can get clarity, comfort and confidence to share your creative gifts and wild genius.

There are many spirit guides here, lined up to help you.  See who you respond to best, see which playful practices help you the most. 

No matter who is speaking there is so much love resonating from each transmission. 

As they say - we'll fill you up with so much light and love your bones glow. Enjoy. 

Apr 14, 2019

The Divine Feminine comes forward, in a range of expressions, to share information about upcoming times and to provide details on why previous podcasts have focused on activating light inside you. 

Additional details on upcoming times are shared.

Great openings of creativity are coming, as chaos increases. This podcast...

Apr 6, 2019

This is a powerful transmission of bliss, and clearing - it made me cry, and I was going to edit it out because I was embarrassed, but I left it in because that's when the energy coming through is strongest. 

Listen to this when you can close your eyes and just feel it. Great stuff - and this is the start of more...

Mar 31, 2019

A wide range of guides come forward to share easy steps you can take in these times of chaos to anchor light, love, peace, grace, and creativity into your life, your home and the planet. 

the guides speak slowly so you can follow along and repeat this. 

I've shared other messages and approaches to handling chaos on the...

Mar 14, 2019

The Arcturians share details on upcoming energies, potentials for chaos, and how to deal with it. How to stand in your power - they will be sharing easy tools you can use to cope with this.  They share a number of ways to do this quickly in this podcast. 

You knew this was coming, and you're ready for it. 

Feb 24, 2019

Gaia, the Divine Feminine and the Goddess Countil come forward with information about upcoming Earth Work, partnering humans, as embodied light, with the planet.  The Goddess Council infuses light into various energetic systems to support your ever greater expansion.